Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Parchment cards/samples

These are quite different cards and are made using the parchment technique more time consumingmore time consuming but well worth it....once again may be ordered..kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

Samples for Floral USB

These are recent samples for the Floral USB, and mat be ordered to suit any occasion and in
many other colours, also personalised....kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

Embossing folders samples

These are the samples l made for Tattered Lace Embossing folders......For any orders 
can be made in different colours just contact me...kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

MCS 10th Birthday samples

The above were made for the celebration of My Craft Studio's 10th Birthday, and were on programmes recently

Parchment Samples made for recent shows

These are three samples l made for Parchment Lace for shows that were one recently

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Personalised cards

Above is a special order recently made, these name cards can be ordered, number of letters restricted to 5 at the most to give a nice effect.....to contact me for price etc ....kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net 

Desk Calendars

These are lovely little desk calendars and can be decorated to suit, colour etc.....just contact me if you are interested....kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net