Handcrafted gifts for sale

These tissue box covers can be made in any chosen colours.....interested please contact me ....kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

 The above design of bookfolding is available upon ordering, to customers colour choice, if you are interested please contact me kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

The above are two keepsakes l made for my grand-daughters, for their birthday's, as they are both at Uni l thought l would make them something different...if you wish to order any letter contact me on kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

This is one of the many latest designs from Peerless Designs...Cut and Fold books.
Interested in other designs contact me kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

The above is a request by my Grand-daughters, for a friend of theirs
I am open to any reasonable request, just ask....kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

This was a recent commission for a christening, hope you like it...
l can take orders for book-folding gifts, please contact me ....kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

This is another of my book-folding projects, this is a very addictive craft, more to come.

This is another one of my book folding projects, with Father's Day coming up, or even for Birthday's.

 This is  the latest gift idea that l have made, there are several different images that can be made just contact me to discuss what you would like, pending on which books that l have available to create these....if you have any books you wish to part with l would really appreciate it for you to contact me....on kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net
This is an ideal gift to be used either as a jewellery box or for any other items really, this can be made using colours of your choice....contact me....kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

There are different designs of this crib, mainly the decoration suitable for either girl or boy
If you are interested please contact me at kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

This item is in photo is Art Deco design but can be purchased in other designs.
If you are interested pleased contact me via...kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

These cots are available in either pink or blue, or a neutral colour if required, can also be personalised on order. Also altered for the arrival of twins. They are priced at £10 each.
For any further information please contact me kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

These are Christmas decorations made from crystals, and are......icicles, crosses, and snowflakes.
These are priced very reasonable at £1. 50 each....plus postage.
Please contact me by email at kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

This cross is 7" across and is the smaller of the two that l make, the larger one is approx. 10" across and they both come boxed as shown below. They are priced at £6 and £8

Please contact me by email at kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

This was made to order for a First Wedding anniversary, these can be made to suit customer, colours, names etc. Interested?....then contact me: kathleen.freeman2@talktalk.net

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