Thursday, 2 April 2015

Box Frame

Here's my post for today....
I recently attended a workshop at Sunrise Crafts with a few of my friends, and this was the finished item that we made.
This contained many techniques, including using texture paste, masks, inks, die cutting, etc.
The main background was made using a mask and texture paste and when dried was coloured using various inks. The leaves on the right hand side was made using a stamp and embossing powder with rough granules within it. The rest l think is self-explanatory as the die cut leaves were placed where-ever required. Finished off with the text tag, and then placed inside the box frame. I am a little undecided whether to leave the frame as it is or colour to tone in with the design.
I do hope you have enjoyed visiting my blog, look forward to your comments, Thank You.

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