Sunday, 26 April 2015

Lady canvas

My chosen subject for my blog today is a canvas that l made recently.....
can't take the praise for the idea, as l made it at a workshop recently, and is the first canvas project l've made. For the base a stencil was used and some texture paste, then once dried was sprayed with shimmer inks, with water sprayed onto while wet and the colours then blended lovely. The ladies face was stamped out twice, once for the main then the second was used as a mask for when we sprayed again later. Swirls, Cogs, and flowers were then added, the flowers to imitate the ladies hair. Large butterfly placed in top left corner and the rest as shown....Really enjoyed making this project and intend to have another go soon.
Hope you have enjoyed viewing this and look forward to reading your comments....Thank You.


  1. Wow Kathy! You have some lovely texture and colour in this canvas, well done!!

  2. Thanks Rachel, l had some guidance in this project as l made it at the workshop so can't take all praise....see ya soon xx